Welcome to Eric Hyde Counseling!

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Eric Hyde, MS, LPC

Thank you for visiting my site! I am a licensed professional counselor with the state of Oklahoma, specializing in anxiety disorders of all varieties, as well as depression, trauma, and addictions.

Education and Therapeutic Philosophy

I hold a BA in Pastoral Ministry, an MA in Theology from Oral Roberts University, and an MS in Counseling Psychology from Northeastern State University.

I use a variety of therapeutic models filtered through an Existential and Gestalt therapy approach. I believe that therapy revolves around getting to the core of oneself through self-awareness and mindfulness and not about applying cookie-cut techniques to mental illness simply because they have worked out statistically for certain groups of people. To quote the great professor Keating in Dead Poets Society, “We’re not laying pipe, we’re talking about poetry.” Human beings are complicated and, most of the time, do not lend themselves to easy, impersonal solutions.

I am also trained in EMDR, which I use primarily for anxiety, trauma, and addiction, and I also use Jungian-based Sandplay therapy when appropriate.

Past Professional Experience and Lessons Learned

I completed my internship with the Cancer Treatment Centers of America. During this period, I learned how to truly be with individuals and families suffering the life and death trials of cancer. It gave me an experiential sensitivity to death anxiety and a deep awareness of its power on the human psyche.

After my internship, I spent the next several years working in both inpatient and outpatient settings with every form of psychosis, trauma, and mood disorders under the sun. This period taught me the intricacies of the human condition; it helped me weed out methods and techniques of therapy that either failed to help in any measurable way or worked but failed to hold for any significant length of time; it helped me to understand when short-term fixes were appropriate and when they only fostered further entrenchment of pathology; and most of all this period helped me unlearn many theoretical ideas I gained from my formal education, replacing them with real-world experience.

About Me

I am 45 years of age, married the love of my life almost 20 years ago, and we are raising 3 beautiful children (twins among them). I first desired to become a therapist during my teenage years but decided to follow the route of becoming a minister during my early college years. As a result of various twists and turns on life’s way, I eventually discovered that becoming a professional counselor, rather than a full-time minister, was the right fit for me and the fulfillment of a lifelong desire to help others in the capacity most suited to my talents and life situation. More on my personal journey to becoming a counselor can be found here.

I’m also a lifelong student of foreign languages; I love travel, history, philosophy, and music. I’ve played guitar for more than 20 years and once had a short stint with bagpipes as well.